Healing Trauma Workshops

Groups have a lot power because group members witness and acknowledge each others work.  When this power is focused on healing, the results are nothing short of amazing.

Healing Trauma workshops explore childhood trauma and the emotions that accompany it.  You will begin the process of resolving the anguish and grief that arises when childhood trauma experiences are triggered in adult life.  The focus is not on blaming caregivers but rather on getting in touch with feelings that follow less-than-nurturing events and resolving the grief and anguish you still carry.

As a participant in this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about healthy and unhealthy boundaries
  • Explore traumatic and less-than-nurturing events from childhood (birth to 17)
  • Explore feelings that accompany traumatic and less-than-nurturing events
  • Create a safe and nurturing relationship with yourself
  • Release painful emotions
  • Reclaim your rights and personal power

This 3 1/2 day workshop has three phases:

  • Informational Phase - During this phase you will learn about shame, its impact on you, and the five core issues that affect your personal development and relationships.
  • Debriefing Phase - We will delve into your past to collect your less-than-nurturing experiences and identify your feelings connected with these experiences.
  • Experiential Phase - You will identify and begin to heal childhood emotional wounds.  In this safe and nurturing environment, you will release painful emotions and reclaim your personal power.

For information about upcoming Healing Trauma Workshops, call (707) 888-9098
or send an email to Tim@WillowTreeSantaRosa.com.


“I truly know I will be more able to handle and learn from everyday life better than before the workshop and become a functional adult.” -S

“The workshop provided insight into how my childhood caretakers affected my adult emotions and behaviors. But insight alone doesn’t help without tools and the workshop provided those tools that I am now practicing on a daily basis.” -J

“Outstanding, powerful, highly relevant and badly needed workshop for our generation.” -H

“I truly feel this has been a life changing experience for me.” -C

“I am walking away from this workshop with a level of consciousness previously non-existent regarding childhood trauma.  The work done was simply amazing and ground-breaking.” -R

“[This workshop] provided surprising and useful emotional access to memories and a method to see them more clearly and to clear them up.  I feel informed and feel I have been released from some heavy burdens.” -D