Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma Intensives

What is Trauma?

Post Induction Therapy

Healing trauma requires neurological change.

Trauma is a neurological experience, not a cognitive one.  Simply talking about traumatic events and developing a cognitive understanding of them does not create healing or significant change.  Effective trauma therapy models (EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Resource Management, Thought Field Therapy) all access and allow for change on the neurological level.  The Healing Trauma Intensive offered by Willow Tree Counseling use the Post Induction Therapy model to allow for neurological healing from the impact of trauma.


Trauma Intensive Testimonials

“I truly know I will be more able to handle and learn from everyday life better than before the workshop and become a functional adult.” -S

“The workshop provided insight into how my childhood caretakers affected my adult emotions and behaviors. But insight alone doesn’t help without tools and the workshop provided those tools that I am now practicing on a daily basis.” -J

“Outstanding, powerful, highly relevant and badly needed workshop for our generation.” -H

“I truly feel this has been a life changing experience for me.” -C

“I am walking away from this workshop with a level of consciousness previously non-existent regarding childhood trauma.  The work done was simply amazing and ground-breaking.” -R

“[This workshop] provided surprising and useful emotional access to memories and a method to see them more clearly and to clear them up.  I feel informed and feel I have been released from some heavy burdens.” -D

“I am leaving this workshop with a totally different outlook on life and a 100% change in self-worth.  I also feel like a massive weight has been lifted.” -B

“The process  was immensely illuminating, healing and empowering.” -W

“Powerful, emotional and seeds were planted for more growth in the future.” -R

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