Healing Through Connections

New group starting April 12, 2018

Come, Learn, Create Fellowship

Groups for Partners of Sex Addicts


Introduction to Healing group
Willow Tree Counseling offers a 4-week Introduction to Healing therapy group for partners of sex addicts.  This group is specifically geared to those who have recently discovered that sex addiction is present in their lives and relationships.  This 4-week group is highly informational as well as focused on gaining community with other partners.  We want to encourage folks to come to this safe, non-judgmental environment where they can ask questions and share experiences.  At the conclusion of the 4-week group, participants are invited to attend one of the three weekly on-going support groups.  All groups at Willow Tree Counseling are led by specially trained clinicians who have expertise and specific knowledge about betrayal via sex addiction.   This 4-week group will be offered approximately every two months.

Healing Through Connections group
This group is a supportive process group that encourages “cross talk” and sharing among the participants.  It is facilitated by one of Willow Tree Counseling’s specially trained clinicians who create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which support, resources, and educational materials are shared.  Issues that are regularly addressed in this group are:

  • Boundary setting
  • Using your strengths to problem solve
  • Trauma and trigger management
  • Identification of thoughts, feelings, needs and wants.
  • Sexuality in Relationships
  • Education on issues specific to sex addiction as experienced by the partner and the addict.

Healing Through Connections – Christian focused group
This group has similar goals and methods and brings one’s faith into the healing and recovery process.  Similar topics are regularly addressed.  This group uses Christian based literature to assist in the discussion and sharing.  This group is led by a faith based partner trained therapist.