What is Sex Addiction?

If three or more of these symptoms sound familiar there is a good chance you are caught in the trap of sex addiction.

  • Loss of Control – Performing more sexual behaviors than you want or intended to
  • Compulsive Behavior – A sense that your sexual behavior is out of control
  • Unable to Stop – Failed attempts to stop or lessen sexual behavior
  • Lost Time – You spend a significant amount amount of time engaged in or thinking about sexual behavior
  • Preoccupation – Frequent thoughts about sexual behavior
  • Inability to Fulfill Obligations – Sexual behavior gets in the way of work, school, family, or friends
  • Continuation Despite Consequences – Continuing sexual behaviors even though they have created problems with your relationships, work, health, or finances, and/or led to legal issues
  • Escalation – Sexual behaviors increase in frequency, intensity, or risk
  • Losses – Losing, limiting, or giving up valued parts of your life in order to engage in sexual behavior
  • Withdrawal – If you stop your sexual behavior for a period of time you feel irritable, sad, angry, nervous, or physically uncomfortable

“Addiction is an illness of escape. Its goal is to obliterate, medicate, or ignore reality. It is an alternative to letting oneself feel hurt, betrayal, worry, and – most painful of all – loneliness.” -Dr. Patrick Carnes

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