Post Induction Therapy

Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma Intensives

What is Trauma?

It is a healing experience when you manage your life as your adult while accepting and nurturing the parts of you that were hurt along the way.

Post Induction Therapy was developed by Pia Mellody at The Meadows.  It is an educational and experiential process that allows you to identify and address those early childhood issues that have driven depression, anxiety, painful relationships, and/or various addictions.

The education part of Post Induction Therapy focuses on understanding shame, its impact on you, and the five core issues that affect your personal development and relationships.  These core issues are self-esteem issues, boundary issues, reality issues, dependency issues, and moderation/containment issues.  The experiential part of Post Induction Therapy helps you get in touch with feelings that follow less-than-nurturing events, reduce the shame (a sense of being less-than) that you took on during these events, and achieve a healthy relationship with yourself to create balance in your life.

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