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Asian woman looking for supportIf you are a Partner to a sex addict, then you may experience shock, intense anger, fear, and pain.  You may feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster that won’t stop!  These are the trauma experiences that partners of sex addicts often experience when learning that their loved one has betrayed them.  Sex addiction can take many forms: sexual contact with others, pornography, affairs, excessive sexual energy within the relationship, internet sexual browsing….etc! At Willow Tree Counseling, we understand that each partner’s experience is unique.  Each trauma symptom feels overwhelming.  Each new fear creates new pain.  We can help!

We at Willow Tree Counseling are committed to providing support, validation, and clinical services to help you learn about your healing and recovery. Healing starts with the recognition that lies and betrayal have occurred.  Healing continues as a partner goes through the emotional turmoil and then the detanglement that this betrayal has caused.  Recovery occurs once the trauma is recognized, the trauma triggers are manageable, and the partner has clear vision of a future.  Recovery continues as the partner creates a new life story, one that includes hope, transparency, honesty, and respect. This type of recovery can occur with or without remaining in the relationship with the sex addict.

There are many options when learning about addiction as well as reclaiming your trust and intuition.  Recovery and healing is about healing from the traumatic shift in one’s life story to a clearer more enriched sense of self.

Through our work with sex addiction, we have noticed an unfortunate lack of resources and services for the Partner.  We have addressed this need and developed a comprehensive clinical program to address the specialized needs and concerns of the Partner.  We recommend and offer individual and group therapy services.

In individual counseling, you will receive personalized individual attention that can support and accompany you through this experience.  Your therapist is available to teach, listen, explain, guide, and be a resource for you as you walk this healing path.  All of our clinicians and contracted clinicians have either specialized training working with addicts, partners, or both.

Group of womenWillow Tree Counseling offers a 4-week Introduction to Healing therapy group for partners of sex addicts.  This group is specifically geared to those who have recently discovered that sex addiction is present in their lives and relationships.  This 4-week group is highly informational as well as focused on gaining community with other partners.  We want to encourage folks to come to this safe non-judgmental environment where they can ask questions and share experiences.  At the conclusion of the 4-week group, participants are invited to attend one of the three weekly on-going support groups.  All groups at Willow Tree Counseling are led by specially trained clinicians who have expertise and specific knowledge about betrayal via sex addiction.   This 4-week group will be offered approximately every two months.  Please contact Jeanne Vattuone for more information.

In addition to our “Introduction to Healing” group, Willow Tree Counseling is happy to announce our new Christian based “Healing Through Connections” on-going therapy group for partners.  This group will incorporate learning, sharing, and the trauma perspective all within a Christian context.  Christian based materials will be used and spiritual healing dialogues will be facilitated by Christian therapist Shawna Schumacher, MFT, CCPS-C.  Shawna is an experienced clinician who has received specialized training in the sex addict partner’s experience and is currently completing full certification with the APSATS organization. Please contact Shawna Schumacher for more information.

Willow Tree Counseling also provides “Healing Through Connections” non-secular on-going therapy groups for partners of sex addicts.  The focus of these groups is to provide a safe fellowship where the impact of sex addiction can be fully expressed.  Informational materials are also used to enhance the group experience.  Sex addition expert Jeanne Vattuone, LCSW, CSAT, CCPS-Supervisor, leads these groups.  Jeanne has extensive experience facilitating groups for partners of sex addicts.  Jeanne works with addicts and partners on a regular basis and thus offers a balanced approach to the information presented in group.  Jeanne is specially trained as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist as well as a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist Supervisor with the APSATS organization.  Please contact Jeanne Vattuone for more information regarding the Healing Through Connections weekly groups.

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