Thought for the Week

Timothy D. Stein, MFT, CSAT
August 20, 2018

An old, wise fish swims past two young fish and asks “How’s the water?” “Fine,” they reply. A minute later one of the young fish asks the other, “What is water?”

When we are constantly surrounded by something, we don’t notice it.  Active addicts often have no idea their behaviors or interactions are inappropriate or outside of the norm.  Having constantly been surrounded by addictive thoughts and energy, addicts do not realize that other people experience life differently.  Addicts typically need someone else to point out their addiction.  Sometimes this is a wise mentor who shows us what we are missing.  Sometimes this is an angry spouse who throws us out of the “fish tank.”  Either way, recognizing what we have been oblivious to is one of the first steps to change.

What did I not see before because it has always been a part of my addiction?  What are others now trying to point out to me that I have ignored or dismissed?  What gifts await me as I learn to recognize the subtleties of my addiction?