Thought for the Week

Timothy D. Stein, MFT, CSAT
May 28, 2018

“Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.” –African Proverb

We receive many words of wisdom in the Program.  Old timers in the Program will suggest you follow their advice.  You will see others in recovery following the advice they receive.  And yet the advice offered to you will only be words with your own misgivings attached to them until you live that advice.  Embracing the wisdom around you and experiencing the difference it can make in your life moves those words of wisdom from hearsay to knowledge.  Change happens when the wisdom of the Program lives in your bones.

What advice have I received but been hesitant to follow?  What changes have I experienced when I embraced the wisdom of the Program?  What gifts await me as I allow the knowledge of the program to live in my bones?