Thought for the Week

Timothy D. Stein, MFT, CSAT
May 14, 2018

“Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.” –Zadie Smith

It is important that we express and receive appreciation.  It is also important that we are aware of where we can reasonably look for appreciation.  A sex addict receiving a three-month coin can reasonably expect appreciation for his work and achievement from his recovery community, his therapy group members, his therapist, and perhaps his friends.  His partner, who often experiences this as three months since they were sexually betrayed, may not be able to express appreciation.  However, it can support the partner’s healing if the addict is able to express appreciation for the partner staying in the relationship despite the trauma the addiction has caused them.  Appreciation is important.  Give it when you can.  Cherish it when you receive it.

When did I not receive appreciation when I wanted it?  When have I failed to give appreciation when it would have been helpful to others?  What gifts await me as I learn to express appreciation more consistently and accept that some people are able to offer appreciation while others cannot?