Thought for the Week

Timothy D. Stein, MFT, CSAT
April 16, 2018

You are a loaded moving van, not a sports car.

Addiction is a brain disorder expressed through behavior.  Understanding the neurology of addiction helps us to understand some of the behavioral struggles.  When a brain has been modified (by neuroplasticity) by addiction, two of the affected areas in the brain deal with “boundaries” and “brakes.”  The area of the brain that has to do with desire is hyped up causing addicts to desire the addictive behavior or substance more strongly than non addicts.  This affects the addict’s ability to hold boundaries.  Also, the area of the brain that manages containing behaviors (braking) is impacted.  The addict brain wants to function like a sports car while, in reality, it functions like a loaded moving van.  When addicts make decisions based on the control and braking limitations of a loaded moving van, they get better results.

When have I assumed I could direct and contain my behavior?  How did this work out for me?  What gifts await me by accepting that I currently function like a “loaded moving van?”